Why a water jetter?

 A water jetter is faster to set up, does a much faster job of clearing a blocked sewer, and usually saves time as usually no digging is required to gain access to the sewer.

 I have been quoted a cheaper rate by another plumber to clear a blocked drain, why should i pay more?

 Whilst it may seem cheaper initially, remember you are being charged by an hourly rate. . Due to the time efficiency of the water jetter, you save money on the hourly labour costs. For drain clearing by water jet, we offer a very competitive rate.  If the average plumber charges less for his hourly rate without the use of a water jetter, he is almost certain to spend more time to complete the same job. As you can see, , our service puts money in your pocket.   We charge from $200.00 (exc. GST) for the first hour. More often than not the first hour is all that is needed to do the job using the water jetter.  However, for more stubborn blockages that exceed the first hour, our rate drops down to $75.00 (exc. GST) for every hour thereafter.

How does it work?

 High pressure water is used to cut and flush debris, such as roots, fats, sand, etc. The water jetter also causes a vacuum which can allow the operator to retreive at least a part of the blockage for inspection at point of entry. A good example of this can be found on youtube. A search of "hydrojetting - the chicken sandwich" ( a little odd i know) shows a great example of how it works.