Case Studies

Case 1

A job we carried out in Greenfields recently was a good example of what we can do to save you time and money.

 A 90mm storm water pipe was blocked solid with tree roots for a lenght of around 20 metres. The local plumber took one look at the situation and called Drain Clear Australia straight away!

 By using the water jet to loosen most of the root mass, and cut it away from any junctions in the pipe, we were able to the tie the root to a vehicle and carefully remove it, slowly and gently, in one full 20 metre length. What ever remained was cut away using the dedicated root cutter.

 The entire job was completed within 1 1/2 hours and saved the client hundreds of dollars in excavation costs.

Case 2

One of our licensed plumber clients at Halls Head contacted us to find a set of septic pits at a clients property, as the plans submited to the council did not match up to what was on site. He could not start the sewer conversion until the pits were found.

 When we arrived on site he had already dug out an access point for entry of the camera / locater.

 The 100mm sewer was traced to the septics and  located within 10 minutes, along with the depth of the line. However they had actually been installed under timber decking and a new covered bbq area! At least time and money was saved in locating the tanks!

Case 3

 A home owner contacted us to find the inspection shaft at the rear of the property after a large plumbing company quoted him over $440 to find it.

 Upon arrival, the sewer access point behind the toilet was located straight away, camera / locater pushed down the line, and as the moniter was watched, the riser shaft came into view some 45 metres down stream.

 The sonic locater was activated and within 5 minutes the shaft was both located and exposed.

 Entire job cost was completed within the 1st hour, saving the client at least $200.